Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Would you change factions?

A shared topic on Blog Azeroth caught my eyes, since i was a former Horde warrior, and now a paladin of the Alliance, its kinda concerns me.
Not really.

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See, I am not a RP player, nor that i am very interested in WoW lore.
yes i am little interested, i won't lie, but not that much.

For me, I already gave away my horde warrior, with reputations and gear from T0.5 to T6 (including T1, T2, T3, T4, T5). so do i really want to switch again to horde? no.
do i miss my friends on the horde side? hell yes, but most of them were kind enough to make alliance characters (mostly DKs) and i invited them to the guild i am in, we talk a lot, i help them lvl faster. nothing more.

In my opinion, the whole thing will NOT work, i really doubt that the employees in blizz will be smart enough to figure out a way to change reputations, mounts, or any other aspect of the game.

I was thinking a bit of how many people will be faction changing if it DID work, some people with high population servers might, i had the chance to log on magtheradon (or whoever its spelled like) on the EU servers, the server who used to have the first guilds to clear everything in TBC (now called Ensedia).
they had like 100 horde for each alliance, my friend had a mage on that server, in wintergrasp he had like 15 of the buff increasing HP for more than 200% and damage taken by something like that too, there was like 10 people in WG raid while horde had at least 4 or 5.
without talking too much about that, i felt like he was Onyxia with all the dots he had on him, and a raid of horde were trying to kill him, he only was aoeing to wipe them all, it was fun to watch.

So yeah, people on that server might think of faction changing, and i wont blame them.

I keep thinking about it, do i really want to change factions, no.
Will i consider it if i was in a another situation? maybe, but most likely i would have stopped playing this game if i wasn't in this perfect guild with those awesome people. i actually played this paladin so i can play with them, and i am very happy, i cant say that i will be going to any other guild, although we stopped raiding, if the guild disbanded, i will be cancelling my account, the only reason that kept me going is this guild, and this server that i am in, if anything in it changed, i will automatically cancel my account.

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