Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Shared Topic: Fail.

I've been wanting to post something about this for a long time now, you see, even if you are the best player that have been playing WOW ever, you will still have your fail moments.

Shared Topic: Fail

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One of my fail moments when me and my guild went to Naxx 10 to get the Undying title, i was the raid leader and made sure we don't have anyone who have a connection problem/old comp/ retardness to prevent us from earning the title.

3 wings went smooth, until we got into Grobbulus room, got him to 15% before our Elemental shammy disconnected.
I've been guilded with this shammy for over 2 years now, he never disconnects, but because our luck is awesome! he did.

I was 1 man healing the instance, so i went back to Evee (the shammy) and kept healing him since he d/c ed in a poison cloud, i had to walk back and forth to heal the tank and melee and in the same time heal the shammy, until he disappeared, and then went back and healed the raid.
on vent, i was going crazy, cursing at him and asking him to get back in right now or i am going to go to his house kill his family in front of him, then kill him.
he logged back in after we killed the boss, i flamed him all the way until we reached kel'thuzad, everything was going smooth for a 1 healer 10 man group, until...

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i got in a void zone and died.

All of my guildies never fail to make me remember that day, every time i try to do something and someone helping me fails, i get reminded of it.
it was fun though, so close to get it, and i failed :(


  1. i used to be? hardcore in wow. but you guys actually farm them yourself? you should check out

  2. lol my first gold selling spam, i am actually going to keep this for shiz and gigles!

  3. I got one last week or the week before. As much as I wanted to keep it for posterity I had to kill it.