Tuesday, September 22, 2009

I R excited!

Hello dear readers!

I'm really excited today, although it has been a long day at work.
Why? you might ask?

1- I just read Ferrro's post about Paladin Schmaladin blog is hiring, and i apped for it.
I know that i deserve to post on such a successful blog, I've been a holy Paladin for a long time now, I've been playing a druid, a rogue, a DK, a Warlock, and a hunter. so i am familiar with most aspects of the game.
I mentioned before that i got my strategy form for the first strategies i posted from ferraro, i really liked the way it was done.
To be honest, although F is offering money for people posting for her, i am not interested at all in it, i have the will to be posting on a paladin blog, and help others, for free! and since this blog is not attracting much readers (sorry), i am a very active, i love to post alot, on my guild website, i think i am the only one posting paladin stuff in the paladin forums, also i am the only one posting raid strats or strats for officers and guild leaders.
I'm also always checking whats new with WOW, i check wowhead, mmo-champion, blog azeroth and much more helpful websites at least 4-5 times a day.
so i hope i get accepted :D

2- i just read gnomeaggedon's post about Azeroth united.
i registered and hope i can help with the

3- i got this achievement
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25 more mounts for my 100 mounts achievement.

2 years of trying to get this mount, and finally!

4- I made a new UI, i know all of you will love it, i will be posting another topic about it tomorrow hopefully!

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