Saturday, December 5, 2009


Well, the time came for me to say goodbye, and farewell.
I am having a lot of stuff in real life that made me make a decision to stop playing this game, and stop blogging about it.

i will keep this short, thanks for all the readers and fellow bloggers that i had fun with, talking and blogging together.

My advice to anyone that wants a good paladin blogs, to keep watching:
1- A touch of arcane
2- Bossy Pally

i know i will keep my eyes on those 2, they know how to play a paladin and they know how to blog about it, much better than me.

for ret paladins, Forbearance is what you need to check every day, Jong is a wonderful person, funny and skilled at playing a facerolling class :P

if you are interested in the best blog i have ever seen and read, This gnome 's blog is what you need to read, although its not a healing blog (sometimes it is) its one of the most enjoyable blogs you'd ever see.

Farewell my friends, i know i will miss you all, i will keep watching those blogs, but sadly i would not have the time to blog about paladins now a days, unless someone takes me for some guest posting somewhere, which i doubt.

Thanks for all the fish, and farewell.