Friday, September 4, 2009

Your Guide to Healing Ulduar: Hodir

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Positioning: 7 ► Healing Intensity: 6 ► MT/OT Damage: 3 ► Raid Damage: 6

Difficulty: Medium

1. Frozen Blows – raid wide damage…like OMG damage. This is really a pain to heal through because during this, all his other abilities are still going on and do EVEN MORE damage. Put on Frost Aura and if you have it pop Aura Mastery when he starts this attack – it will up your resistance to 260. I have to believe this attack is why some guilds make everyone have “some” resist.

2. Frost Nova (Cleanse-able) – the frost novas shoot out of Hodir and then AOE an area. The nova’s don’t do huge damage, but they root people.

3. Avalanche’s – you will see it snowing in random areas. Get out of the snow. Yell at people to get out of the snow so you don’t have to heal them.

4. Flash Freeze – if someone gets caught in it they will need mild heals.

5. Biting cold – Keristraza type aura. Keep moving and jumping. During Frozen Blows you might think “I will just stand still and take the damage.” Don’t do that. The damage of Biting cold is worse when Hodir is doing Frozen Blows. (If you see a fire on the ground, stand next to it. It is another “helper” and it stops Biting Cold from happening to you.

6. Starlight – one of the “helpers” casts a spotlight in random areas. Standing in the light gives you 100% haste to casting. With all buffs up, my Holy Lights were taking .8 seconds to cast. If you can safely stand in one and heal during Frozen Blows, it helps a ton.


- Avoid damage: this is one of the only encounters your primary goal is to stay out of damage. The tank (in frost resist gear) never gets hit terribly hard. This fight is about keeping moving and NOT TAKING DAMAGE.

- Heal the tank

- Use Aura Mastery during Frozen Blows. BELIEVE ME IT HELPS. If you have more than one pally, have both of them put Frost Resist Aura on and alternate casts of mastery. If you have a pally off tank who is DPSing during this fight, have him bubble and use his raid wide damage decrease. Anything that can decrease raid damage here is a plus.

- Bubble during a Frozen Blow to catch up: Normally I would use Aura Mastery in the first Frozen Blows and then bubble in the second one if i needed to. While bubbled, stand in a spotlight and cast like crazy.

- Cleanse the frost nova’s: it always seemed that at least one person would be frost nova’d while in the “snow” of an upcoming avalanche. Cleansing them helped them get out of that before it kills.

- Keeping Beacon and Sacred Shield always up on the MT. Get a timer or something to help you remember to refresh these. I use Grid and a couple addons to pull this off.

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