Friday, September 4, 2009

Your Guide to Healing Ulduar: Mimiron

Let me just start out by saying this so far has been the most difficult fight for me to heal. I thought Hodir was bad, but Mimiron is a whole new level of healing pain. With that said, killing him was probably the most rewarding experince thus far for me in Ulduar. The first time we downed him was after 3 days/50 wipes. Because of the complexity of this fight I am going to separate everything into phases.

>> Phase One <<

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Abilities that affect healing -

1. Plasma Blast – Healing the MT through this without him using a cooldown is possible, but seems to come down to luck. Use anything and everything you have at your dispolsal. I was popping Fire Aura with Aura mastery on one of his blasts and Hand of Sacrifice and Divine Shield on another, especially if your tank is out of cooldowns. If you want to be consistently successful on Phase One, you have to be using cooldowns. (FYI – for this fight we used 2 tanks that took turns using cooldowns. So far it seems in Ulduar, “When in doubt, add another tank.”)

2. Napalm Shell – Random raid member gets shot

3, Landmines – Although avoidable, depending on the number of melee you have the odds are someone will run over a few.

Primary Objectives (Phase One)

- Keep MT up through the Plasma Blast

- Stay spread out so Napalm doesn’t hit more than one person (Mimiron is another type of “avoidance” fight, like Hodir a lot of damage can be avoided by the dps/heals)

- Keep your mana high by using Divine Plea AFTER a plasma blast, but save big cooldowns for phase

>> Phase Two <<

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Abilities that effect healing -

1. Heat Wave – the hardest thing to heal through. It is raid-wide fire damage considerable to Frozen Blows on Hodir. It hurts a lot and is mana intensive to heal through and there is no way to avoid it. Bubbleing/Aura Mastery will help if you have it. Paladin OT’s or DPS with Divine Sacrifice are very nice to have here.

2. Rocket Strike and Laser Barrage – both life ending abilities. You get hit by either you die. You will not get past this boss if you have raid members that can’t see the rockets coming.

3. Rapid Burst – this is his basic attack that he will do the entire fight except during Laser Barrage. It shoots out in a cone effect so the closer to him you are and spread out around him the less damage everyone will take. Set up right there really should only be 1 person getting hit by this at a time.

Primary Objectives (Phase Two)

- Heat Wave healing – beacon yourself and Sacred Shield someone. Use your bubble during one of the waves and then Aura Mastery during another. At the first Heat Wave is when I also pop Divine Illumination (your 50% mana CD)

- Don’t go OOM – When he starts to spool up Laser Barrage pop Divine Plea once you are caught up on heals and then click it off if its not done yet when he is done. If someone gets hit by barrage you won’t be able to heal them anyway. This phase is hugely mana intensive and your group needs to kill him fast but you need to conserve mana for the next phases as well. If you keep going OOM during these phases, don’t worry you will get better. After 40 wipes our healers were reaching phase 3 with full mana.

>> Phase Three <<

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Abilities that affect healing -

1. Bomb Bots. Bomb bots, bomb bots, bomb bots. Having trouble on this part of the fight? Its the bomb bots. Once we got into a good rhythm of snaring and killing them this phase is a total breeze. These drop out of the head while it is flying around and target somebody and blow up for crazy damage.

2. Plasma Ball – whoever is tanking the head (usually a ranged dps) will take about 8k damage every 2-3 seconds from this ability.

3. All other adds – the tanks will be taking mild damage from the various adds. Nothing too major.

Primary Objectives (Phase Three)

- Stay away from Bomb bots

- Keep the head tank at max health as much as you can.

- Use Divine Plea during this phase to regen as much mana as you can. With 3 healers no one should be getting terribly hard. I usually beacon the MT and then just holy shock/FoL the head tank the whole fight.

>> Phase 4 <<

So bring it all together then. Mimiron keeps several different abilities from each phase. The healing intensive ones are the Plasma ball from the head and then the main attack from phase 2 (hand pulse). Everything else is pretty avoidable and is what makes this fight so tough (land mines, missiles, laser barrage, shock blast – your raid members health is in THEIR OWN hands more than yours…) As a healer if you have made it this far than the tough part for you is over and now just pray the DPS is smart enough to stay alive…

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