Friday, September 4, 2009

Your Guide to Healing Ulduar: Yogg

Like Mimiron this is another “Phase” fight so I will separate it accordingly. Like Mimiron, to me this is another “Communication” fight. People have to talk on vent. They have to ask for buffs to be cleansed and they have to let you know when they are getting squeezed. If you have people that do not communicate on vent this fight will be exponentially harder.

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Phase 1

For phase one you need to focus on two things:

#1 – Staying in range of the tanks and keeping Beacon and Sacred Shield up on one of them. This first phase you and the tanks will be running around like crazy WHILE having to avoid the clouds. They take spike damage when the adds blow up so you will have to really be watching. Without the MCing that used to be in this phase, the only really challening thing is to:

#2 – Avoid the clouds. We found that triggering 1-2 of them in the beginning actually helped us get through this phase. Any more and you will wipe. The first 2-3 spawn far enough apart that a few extra adds are not hard to deal with. The best way for me to heal was to run around on my own and stay in range of the tanks. The strats vary greatly for this fight.

Phase 2

#1 – Cleanse your face off. Especially if you are the only paladin in the group. There are two things that cause more frustration than anything: Apathy and Black Plague. These cause movement impairing affects and for a movement heavy fight you’ve got to be johnny on the spot with cleanses. There were a few attempts I spent 75% of the time cleansing. Your melee’s abilities at keeping the Corrupter tentacles down will help lower the number of cleanses needed.

#2 – Being squeezed. At some point you will get grabbed by a Constrictor tentacle. You can bubble out of the first one but then the next couple you will have to be DPS’d out of. The positive: You can keep healing as normal while it has you grabbed.

#3 – Sanity. Some fights, I never have to worry about my sanity. Some fights, I am at <20>

#4 – Brain link. Not a huge problem usually unless it gets thrown on one of the people going into Yogg’s brain and they come out and are like 1000 feet away from you and they are taking mega damage/losing sanity. Just run towards the person and heal them.

Phase 2 is more in the hands of the dps than yours. Just keep people alive and cleansed and you’ve done your job.

Phase 3

Get ready for the wildest boss fight that you won’t get to see (unless you are one of those people that have figured out how to turn your character and still be able to see behind him etc. i’m not that cool)

#1 – Face away from Yogg. None of your heals are LoS so just turn around and face away from the boss and pray the tanks are quick at picking up the adds. Heal your ass off. That’s really it in this part. You don’t have to move just heal and keep beacon up on the tank. Use all your cooldowns etc. This phase is NOTHING like phase 4 of mimiron. It is a stand there, FACE AWAY FROM THE BOSS and heal. The tanks do take big hits, and the adds will one shot everyone in raid except a tank when they first come out. So just heal, heal, heal with Holy light and every cooldown you have.

Do that and your done!

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