Monday, September 28, 2009

I used to be, for the horde!

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when I started the game, I knew I wanted to be on the Horde side. Being an avid Warcraft fan, I always enjoyed everything about the faction and was a huge Thrall fan. Going on my third year of playing the game, I found myself playing less and less till finally I stopped playing all together. Was it that I hit a plateau in my enthusiasm for the game or was it simply I’ve run my course? Probably both to be honest.
Being on a PVP server for 3 years will bring disdain towards the other faction like no other. I hated gnomes and I squirmed in BRD just hearing the dwarfs laughing in the bar. Nonetheless, I decided I was going to level a character to 80 and see things from the other side. Funny enough, as of now, its been the most enjoyable time I’ve had playing the game.

To really appreciate the game, you have to see it from both sides and to really appreciate the work Blizzard has done, experience it.

always believed that sentiment that the Horde was where the Adults played and the Alliance was simply filled with children. I always expressed that I could never join the faction due to it and at my own remission, I don’t know why I believed that.

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I met up with a group of nobles, if i may say, the guild of Lux Legis, from their Guild leader/Co-leaders, to the newest recruit, they were all kind and welcoming, i've never felt any kind of a stranger that never played this faction before.

now, I'm... For the Alliance!

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Now the Alliance is no change from the horde, shapes and names had changed, but nothing else, I have this feeling that i am going to reroll again...
I already started a Death knight over Arygos, which is a server a lot of my horde friends transferred into, but every day i see my paladin after the logging screen, i stop thinking of rerolling, and log into Arthas, with my pride of being Alliance, better yet, a paladin of the Alliance... duh! who wants to be a Blood Elf? =P

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