Thursday, October 29, 2009

Talisman of Resurgence

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First of all, I tend to use a very simple calculation to turn a given mana PPM into Mp5. Any mana return happening every minute is included, and Divine Plea is exactly like this. 60/5 = 12. So simply divide the mana PPM by 12 and you'll have it on an exact Mp5 value.Secondly, Paladins need to clearly include their stat buffs (or spell it out if they aren't).
We have Divine Intellect (2%/4%/6%/8%/10% talents, all five traditionally used) along with Kings (10%), making up a full 20% buff to any and all Intellect we have. So if we multiply it by 1.2 we instantly figure out the actual total Intellect an item gives to Paladins and this would always be calculated first and be kept in mind.
For example, a 20 Intellect gem "is" actually a 24 Intellect gem.These easy numbers will make it more natural for you to know what you're actually getting and also not to do the same mistakes again.
Therefore, this trinket's passive Intellect is worth in an average boss fight:

153.6 Intellect
2304 mana
68.736 Mp5
0.93% Crit (Illumination regen for this not included above)
30.72 Spellpower128 Intellect on this trinket ammounts to 153.6 Intellect which is 2304 mana (1 Int = 15 mana). Divine Plea restores 25% (*0.25) or 1/4 (/4) of that every minute, so 2304 / 4 / 12 = 48 Mp5. 1% Crit takes "around" 166 Intellect each, meaning "around" 0.93 Crit. You could also add how much average mana return you expect from your crits for that ammount, however it involves more intricate calculations involving for example how much Crit you're already stacking.Replenishment is essentially 1% of your mana pool as Mp5 and it should be up nearly always, however you may want to calculate it as 90% due to change of targets, movement and other oddities in fights. 2304 * 0.009 = 20.736 Mp5As for Spellpower, 153.6 Intellect gives, with Holy Guidance (4%/8%/12%/16%/20% talents), 30.72.
You can use the trinket's effect when casting Divine Plea every other minute (just like you would with Avenging Wrath) so as to be able to heal for more during the duration even as you keep regening a good chunk of mana.I might also add that the debate over the usefulness of Spellpower for Paladins as of 3.2.2 is essentially about how much you prefer and are able to successfully keep using FoL as your main heal, maxing out its performance.
At a higher gear level, buffing FoL rather than simply your Intellect is actually a very good alternative to the spending of HL's hefty mana cost and its overhealing (even if it all gets transferred to the beaconed target now, it also mostly overheals him too).
We actually have been offered very good new tools to do this, like the HoT from SS. It should also be noted both of these spells have high coefficients with SP, namely 100% for FoL and 75% on SS.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

How to raid ANYTHING. By Mortigan the lock.

Found this post while i was surfin' the interwebz, found it extremely funny.

Mortigan the lock said:

I find it terribly hard to remember all the nuances of each boss fight. Sorry, but I'm just not hard-core enough to memorize who casts what, and I really don't care if Pixie McNixie in the bottom of some hole is planning to fear me, sheep me, or chop me in half with a big heavy axe. Why? Because overall things are pretty much the same from one boss to the next, so I figured I could come up with a single set of rules on how to raid ANYTHING. I've appropriately named these rules "A Single Set Of Rules On How To Raid ANYTHING."

Getting Ready:
Many people go to YouTube and watch Tankspot videos to familiarize themselves with the fights. This is a waste of time, because all you really need are my simple rules. Not 100% sure? Here are some additional reasons for skipping the videos:1. Those people in the videos are ELITE WIZARDS and your raid team is not going to do anywhere near as well as them. It's like watching an Olympic gold medalist do the ski jump and then trying it yourself. Forget about it.2. There are less steps to preparing your taxes than there are to fights like Freya. Watching Tankspot explain it on YouTube will only give you a headache. Your guild is going to wipe on it anyway, so no need to give yourself a migraine. Skip the video and use my rules below!

Let's Raid!
Ok, so here is my Single Set Of Rules On How To Raid ANYTHING:
1. DO NOT stand in anything that wasn't there before the fight started, if it visually looks dangerous. This includes fire, black steaming circles of nastiness, green slimy stuff, purple ooze, etc. If you are not sure, stand in it for a second and see if your health goes down. If it does, MOVE.
2. DEFINITELY DO stand in anything that wasn't there before the fight started, if it visually looks beneficial. This includes pleasant rays of fairy moonlight, air with lightning bug / glittery things in it, shiny sparkly spots on the floor, or anything else that a 3 year old girl might want to color. If you are not sure, stand in it for a second. If nothing bad happens, definitely keep standing it it because it MUST be doing something good.
3. Do the following based on your function:

Tank: Attack the boss with everything you got. Keep doing this and don't stop until your healer drags you away screaming at you, "STOP! STOP! HE'S DEAD ALREADY!"
Heal: Keep healing until everyone is either dead and blaming you, or the boss is dead. In the latter case, it is your job to drag the tank away from the bloody corpse.
DPS: Do the same as the tank, but wait a fraction of a second before doing so. This way, if you get aggro, you can blame the Tank. Otherwise, he will blame you. That fraction of a second makes all the difference on who gets blamed for the wipe. Use it wisely. Now this next part is important: If adds arrive, you need to make a visual check of how dangerous they look. If they look like they can be ignored, stay on the boss. If they look really nasty, switch to the add. Simple! Or you can always fall back on the "watch what everyone else is doing and copy them" strategy, but I'm training you to be a trailblazer, so get in there and blaze that trail!
Off Tank: You're on the adds. Someday, if you ever become cool enough or geared enough, the guild might let you be a REAL tank. But probably not anytime soon. So stick to adds. And if you run like a madman all over the map with a trail of adds behind you, creating a hellish conga-line of death, all the DPSers are going to HATE YOU. So keep your butt in one spot, take your beating, and suck it up.
4. DO NOT stand in a Boss' AOE. The crap raining down on your head should be an obvious sign that it's time to pack up and move.
5. Should a boss fight require you to operate some sort of vehicle, land mount, or drake, randomly mash buttons as fast as the cool-downs allow. Generally, Button 1 is the biggie one to mash, so mash it more than the others. No one's really going to notice if you did well or not, so just mash, mash, mash! You're a pro!
6. If you get aggro, run TOWARD your teammates, not away from them. It's the surest way to get rid of that unwanted boss who's taken serious notice of you. Ideally, run toward (and right through) a mage. Mages are a big, big help with getting rid of aggro. If you're cool enough to be a warlock like me, you can even strategically position yourself right next to a mage throughout the fight, and Soulshatter as needed. Be sure to turn toward the mage when Soulshattering, so that you can watch the look on his face when the boss 1-shots him. If you're a mage, disregard everything I've just said, and take one for the team.
7. The laws of the universe that govern comic books, video games, and science fiction in general require that twins ALWAYS have some sort of symbiotic relationship, and a special power will CERTAINLY exist between them. Therefore, any time there are twin bosses (or even twin adds if they're extremely dangerous looking), they MUST be killed simultaneously. Very bad things happen when one twin witnesses the death of the other. Heed my warning, and kill any and all twins at the same time. Further, they cannot be allowed to touch each other or send each other any kind of glowing orb, ray beam, soothing rainbow, etc. You don't want the wonder-twins activating ANYTHING. So keep them apart, kill them apart, and do it at the same time.

If you follow these simple rules, you're sure to be a success at your next raid. I advise you to print this out and keep it handy. Review it during the boring buff periods before raiding, or when the tank if off in Dalaran begging for another healer. And be sure to stop back by and let me know how it went! Happy raiding!Your buddy,
Mortigan the Lock .

Almaster approves.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Waiting for ICC

This post was on A Touch of Arcane, i liked it and copied it because god knowss that is what exactly i am feeling.

I don't know about you but I'm seriously waiting for Icecrown Citadel. Not that I've finished
all the content, I've yet to see Yog Sarron die, but that requires several evenings on Udluar and most people don't spend that amount of time on this raid anymore. Too much "free loot" on ToC (normal) or Onyxia or Lolaron to motivate much people about Ulduar.

I still think Ulduar is the best raid from WotLK up to now, despite it being too big, it should have been split in two raids as it was done all along BC. I still have some friends motivated by Ulduar hard modes and we're trying them from time to time, usually one or two nights a week when we are lucky enough to make our suicidal squad (Auriaya with all cats is a crazy fun mess of a fight to heal). If I find ToC hard mode mostly a "gear check", Ulduar hard modes are, at least for some of them, very entertaining.

The first news from the next raid Blizzard is giving us are starting to appear, and the first boss was tested on the PTR these last days (report on Mmo Champion). It doesn't seem super hard, as least on paper, I hope the normal/hard mode gap will be lower then ToC, and my wish is for hard modes to contain more abilities, more strategy than just be a gear check put over a normal difficulty boss.

I guess we'll all see that in IC, hopefully not too long from now, but even more hopefully nicely tested and balanced.

Post part 2
Paladin T10:
I guess i have to post something about it, but i don't see the need to.
since there is only the set pieces bonus that is out there, and i find them good enough.

Going to make a full topic about it when i get more info

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Paladins and the stacking of Intellect.

I've been posting of how good stacking intellect is for Paladins.
and I think i have something else to say this time.

I have 21979 unbuffed mana, and i never get out of it, also, i've topped the healing meters twice yesterday with 2 druids, 2 priests and another holy paladin in both 25 OS 3 drake (old school way, no zerg) and TOTC 25 man, and guess what? my mana never dropped below 75%.


So I'll say this, Intellect is no more the first stat I would be searching for.
I have 2363 unbuffed spell power, 33.05 crit.

Whats helping me get all that mana i'm using back?

Insightful Earthsiege Diamond and Tears of the Vanquished.
and i fucking love it.

I also tried to have some
Royal Dreadstone in my gear, and i'm also loving it.

So for now, i'm going to keep stacking on items that returns mana, and i'm going to try it, for the next couple of boss.

Don't get me wrong, i love having infinite number of mana, but i see its not important when i never drop below 50% of mana, divine plea is wonderful, i usually pop my wings when i use it and i dont lost much of my healing.

i just wish i've got a WWS of last night's healing to show you, sadly i forgot all about it.

Almaster and out!.

Better late than never?

I've seen many guilds say that, but i second that statement.

I'll give you as example, something i always dreamed of doing, since the start of WOTLK raiding.

I wanted to be a Twilight Vanquisher.

and i'm finally

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As getting something i always wanted, i should feel good, and i am not.
It felt like Obama wining the Nobel prize.

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Damn that kayne west.

So in my opinion, its never better be late than never.

yeah i've said it.

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and i don't care what wonder woman has to say about it!

I just hope that in the next patch of ICC, i can do some of the things i want to do.

So Blizz,

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Almaster and out!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Will the real Lich King please stand up?

New news about ICC came out, you can find them all on MMO-Champion : Icecrown Citadel: The Frozen Throne.

As i said like 100 times on this blog, I've been playing this game since vanilla wow, and to be honest, I've never seen so much media news about it.

Wherever i surf in this Interwebz, i find a new news about ICC or Cata, every where i go, i find a picture of Arthas, or a rumor about the destiny of Garrosh, Thrall or Craine blood hoof (the leader of Thunder-bluff).

And to be honest.... its getting me sick and bored.

I just hope Arthas wouldn't be an easy boss to kill, I've played on a server named after him, because i loved his story in World of Warcraft.

If Blizz made him as easy as TOTGC Anubarak (in 10 man), i will be disappointed.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Shared Topic:WoW Where You'd Least Expect It..

This week, the Shared topic of Blog Azeroth is : Wow Where You'd Least Expect It.

In our Middle eastern culture, once a month (sometimes more) we go to a local cafe, where you can smoke Sheesha (AKA:Hookah).

I've been going around once a week, since i turned 20 and started working, at 20 i also just started playing WOW and was still a low lvl troll warrior who knows nothing about this game, my English was a little poor, so i didn't know how to play and i didn't know how to talk to people in-game.

So i had my laptop on, smoking some Hookah, and tanking in WC, needing all the green loot that was dropping, just because i didn't know what greed is

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when suddenly a guy came to me and started talking to me about how i should greed everything that is not mail, since warriors only wear mail till lvl 40, then they wear plate.
i listened to him talking about his shaman, and for my surprise he was in the same server i was in, we started lvling together and we became friends.

of course when we both hit 60, he was lucky and got into a guild that was running MC, and i slowed down a bit trying to gear myself before i applied to a guild that was raiding.

Till now we occasionally talk with each others. :D

Monday, October 5, 2009

The future of paladins

Dear Paladins everywhere.

I really love playing a paladin, I've been playing one for over 2 years now, and I'm loving every second of it, Paladins are like my heroes.

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I always ask my self, whats the meaning of being a paladin, being so infused with light, killing all sorts of evil everywhere.

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Sadly, there are some people playing paladins just like me, who make us look really bad

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and i keep thinking that we are having some bad reputation from all of them nerd raging.

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To all the people who changed spec to ret back in late TBC days, and suck at it till now.

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You are not.

I don't think it really is that awesome, however people who has been playing a holy paladin since the start of this game, and still doing so.

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Signed: a nerd raged Holy paladin.

This rant has been brought to you by:holy paladin who got his ass given to him by a ret paladins face-rolling in arena.

the story of this post is:
I played a game of arena with my buddy headstab, a 2 ret pally team came to me, and got me down in 0.5 seconds.

sorry for posting while still under nerd rage >_<

Friday, October 2, 2009

This just in!

Blizzard has already released new details about the upcoming five-player dungeon in the Icecrown Citadel. It will supposedly be the biggest one in a "long time", they are also mentioning epic quest lines and 232 ilvl loot from the Heroic mode.

Icecrown Citadel will feature a massive five-player dungeon sprawling across three wings of the citadel's foundation. While the Lich King's attention is focused on the Argent Crusade and the Knights of the Ebon Blade ripping through the front gates, players will be tested as they assist Jaina Proudmoore (Alliance) and Sylvanas Windrunner (Horde) in infiltrating the citadel through an alternate entrance.

An epic quest line will present adventurers with the task of weakening Icecrown Citadel's forces, requiring that players defeat the challenges in each dungeon wing before venturing into the next one. Normal and Heroic versions of the dungeon will be accessible to players, although each wing will be considered a separate instance; therefore, on Heroic difficulty, each wing will have its own separate lockout timer. All-new rewards -- including item level 219 (normal) and level 232 (Heroic) loot -- will be offered to those who destroy some of the Lich King's most formidable allies.

The Forge of Souls

Serving as the first wing in this expansive dungeon, the Forge of Souls will quickly put players to the test of carving through the Scourge stronghold into deeper, more treacherous locations. Jaina will command Alliance forces, and Sylvanas will direct Horde forces. The goal is to ruin the twisted engines known as soul grinders found in this portion of the citadel, and then players can advance -- that is, if the Horde and Alliance forces can overcome the foes who confront them.


* Bronjahm, the Godfather of Souls: An instrument of reckoning, Bronjahm watches over the engines in the Forge of Souls. He must be killed if the soul grinders are to be destroyed.

* The Devourer of Souls: As the chief operator of the engines found in this wing, the Devourer stands guard over the souls stolen by the Lich King.

Pit of Saron

Accessible only to those who have laid waste to the Forge of Souls' unholy operations, the Pit of Saron will bring Horde and Alliance forces deeper into the Lich King's domain. Players who venture here will immediately be confronted by the lord of this lair, Scourgelord Tyrannus. But defeating him will not be as easy as it seems. Before they can present a threat to Tyrannus, the adventurers, instructed by their leaders, will need to free enslaved allies who have been trapped by the Scourge. Until that happens, Tyrannus will leave all adversaries to his minions, workers of the citadel's mines. Perhaps the challenges here will lend clues as to the whereabouts of the Lich King's private chambers outside of the Frozen Throne, deep within the Halls of Reflection.


* Forgemaster Garfrost: A master of Scourge weaponry, the forgemaster hauls stocks of saronite ore and other precious materials to the cold forges where the mechanisms of death are born. With a host of rime weapons and exotic alloys at his disposal, it could get cold in here.

* Krick and Ick: Zombies serve as mindless muscle in the Pit of Saron's mines, stockpiling metals for Forgemaster Garfrost, and Krick -- a devious leper gnome -- supervises the operations from atop Ick, Krick's ghastly means of transportation.

* Scourgelord Tyrannus: Tyrannus is a terrible force who will no doubt demonstrate his powers to those brave enough to enter the Pit of Saron. The scourgelord must die if players hope to make their way into the third and final wing of this dungeon.

Halls of Reflection

With Jaina and Sylvanas leading the way, adventurers who make it as far as these frigid halls will quickly recognize the weapon that lies ahead: Frostmourne, the corruptive, legendary device of the Lich King himself. The Lich King's private chambers are within reach, although they may be the death of anyone who ventures there.


* Falric and Marwyn: Captains for Arthas Menethil in life, Scourge commanders for the Lich King in death, Falric and Marwyn will be summoned to the Halls of Reflection for one purpose: destroying all intruders.

* The Lich King: Sylvanas, thirsty for vengeance against the corrupted prince who sentenced her to an existence as an undead monstrosity, and Jaina, eager to find a flicker of Arthas's soul locked somewhere within the Lich King, have brought their hand-picked allies to this final confrontation. Arthas's true power may only now be discovered. Is there any hope in this mission, or does only death await.


what i think?
Fight with lich king - take 1:
At 1 % - bubble and HS.

New UI + introducing, Teh Evilcandy!

I promised to post my new UI, so here it is!

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here it is if you cant see the full sized picture, i uploaded it on image shack, click on it for the full screen

Free Image Hosting at

I'll have to remove the 2 chat boxes to where they're supposed to be =)

What I am using is Spartan UI with bartender, Bagnon2, ForteXorcist, Prat, Pally power, quick mark, recount and SexyMap.

post part 2: Introducing the Evilcandwe!

Evilcandwe is my DK alt.
You might ask me, how did i get that name?
Well, lets see, i am not that creative when it comes to getting names for my characters, back at horde i had: Almaster, Elmaster and Zemaster.
When i switched to Alliance, i now have: Almaster, Zemaster (my hunter) Stuusx (my newly made priest, i named him after a priest (Stuus) that was guilded with us, i have a lot of respect to that person, he used to top damage meters at almost every fight :P and i always said that he is my elder brother that i never had) and Evilcandwe.
Candwe was my best friend on the horde side, a resto druid that knows how to play her class at PVE, in PVP, she sucks :P
back to the story, i wanted to lvl a DK and stand with her in Dlaran, as Candwe and her Evil self, but it didnt work out since Candwe server x-fered about 2 months ago.

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using the same UI, adding Facesmasher, since i fail at the DK rotation, facesmasher tells me what to use and when to use it :P