Thursday, August 20, 2009

A wow leak?

A new comic from world of warcraft, might be a new leak of the new expansion.

Pretty much spells it out, Jaina and the others are reforming the Council, with the need for including a more expansive collection of various magic users, not simply arcane magi like before, but those of nature and divine, specifically, priests, paladins, druids, and Shamans.

Those considered thus far, Marad, Khadgar, Broll, and yes, Thrall.

It seems that the magi have weakened due to Malygos' activity in Northrend. Therefore the new council needs to be formed of more then just magi, but of Druid, shaman, priest and paladin due to their powers not being affected by Malygos. Last page also has Jaina talking about asking Khadgar and Thrall to join the new council.

Looks like we can confirm at least one portion of the Cataclysm leaks.

On another note it also appears that A'dal has rubbed off on Khadgar as Jaina breifly mentions that he has been dealing with "diciples of divine magic." Good chance we'll be seeing some hybrid mage/shaman/priest caster types in expansion. Makes me wonder if a new class couldnt form from this?

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