Thursday, August 13, 2009

Best in slot Holy Paladin in 3.2

I've been researching since i came back from my vacation for the new BIS items for holy paladins, and what my researches proved was that the best way to calculate BIS items is this way:

Gear is chosen based on the following statistics in the current patch along with subjective reasoning.

1. Intellect
2. Mana Per 5
3. Haste Rating
4. Critical Strike Rating
5. Spellpower

my researches were based on Alliance items, but i am pretty sure that there are the same items with the same stats but with different names for horde, i will try to post horde item names later.

1- Head:
Alliance: Turalyon's Headpiece of Triumph
Horde: Liadrin's Headpiece of Triumph
Coliseum 25 (H)

2- Neck:
Alliance: Wail of the Valkyr
Horde: Cry of the Valkyr
Coliseum 25 (H) (Twin Valkyrs)

3- Shoulder:
Alliance: Turalyon's Spaulders of Triumph
Horde: Liadrin's Spaulders of Triumph
Coliseum 25 (H)

4- Back:
Alliance: Jaina's Radiance
Horde: Aethas' Intensity
Coliseum 25 (H) (Tribute Chest)

5- Chest:
Alliance: Breastplate of the Frozen Lake
Horde: Chestplate of the Frozen Lake
Coliseum 25 (H) (Twin Valkyrs)

6- Wrist:
Alliance: Vambraces of the Broken Bond
Horde: Bracers of the Broken Bond
Coliseum 25 (H) (Faction Champions)

7- Weapon:
Alliance: Blade of the Unbroken Covenant
Horde: Mortalis
Coliseum 25 (H) (Tribute Chest)

8- Shield:
Alliance: Bastion of Purity
Horde: Bastion of Resolve
Coliseum 25 (H) (Faction Champions)

9- Libram:
when it comes to Librams, it really depends on the way you play, some people prefer Libram of Renewal, others prefer Libram of Tolerance, or even Libram of Veracity, but if its up to me i'd take Deadly Gladiator's Libram of Justice since we are using so much FOL these days.
i'd take Libram of Renewal as the best 2nd best thing, and after that, Libram of Veracity.
Edited: thanks Sederin for reminding me.

10- Hands:
Alliance: Turalyon's Gloves of Triumph
Horde: Liadrin's Gloves of Triumph
Coliseum 25 (H)

11- Waist:
Alliance: Belt of the Forgotten Martyr
Horde: Girdle of the Forgotten Martyr
Coliseum 25 (H)

12- Legs:
Alliance: Legplates of Failing Light
Horde: Leggings of Failing Light
Coliseum 25 (H) (Lord Jaraxxus)

13- Feet:
Alliance: Boots of the Courageous
Horde: Sabatons of the Courageous
Coliseum 25 (H) (Northrend Beasts)

14- 1st ring:
Alliance: Ring of the Darkmender
Horde: Circle of the Darkmender
Coliseum 25 (H) (Lord Jaraxxus)

15- 2nd ring:

Starshine Circle
Ulduar 25 (Algalon)

16- 1st trinket:
Meteorite Crystal
Ulduar 10 (Algalon)

17- 2nd trinket:

Alliance: Solace of the Defeated
Horde: Solace of the Fallen
Coliseum 25 (H) (Lord Jaraxxus)

Kindly note that all of those items are from Hard mode only.

this list is from the information that i gathered from Wowhead and mmo-champion, i know some other bosses will be released soon, and i will try to update this as much as i can.
updated with horde item names.


  1. hey, i like ur list except the libram one...but then again it's also the hardest to judge but how can libram of souls reedemed be BiS??? when the deadly gladiator's libram of justice exists

  2. Hey Sederin, and thanks for posting.
    when i did my search, i did not include the pvp items, i think it just didnt get in my mind, and i think you are right, the deadly gladiator libram is better than the libram of souls reedemed.
    i will edit my post when i go home :)
    thanks again.

  3. i understan how you went about choosing these.... but i disagree in a sense about the chest and/or Legs... do you not think the 4pc bonus makes the tier piece worth it over either of those other 2 pieces?

  4. Hey Mr. Anonymous!

    I believe at the time i did this post, that those items were the best in slot at that time.
    without considering the new items that came out after i posted, the stats on the chest and/or legs were best at that time.

    So yeah, i didn't even consider the 4pc set bonus.

  5. Binding of the Ice Burrower (Beasts25 heroic) is a bit better than Girdle of the Forgotten Martyr (Anub25 hc)

  6. Bejeweled Wizard Bracers ftw.