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A good read!

I found a good read at MMO-Champion, an explanation of the new wow expansion.

adly, I felt the need to respond to this thread after reading several of the comments. First, this website is, and has always been, fairly accurate with the upcoming content changes for the World of Warcraft, e.g. patches and expansions. Second, everyone will know whether these changes are, in fact, occuring in the upcoming expansion, The World of Warcraft: Cataclysm, after Blizzcon. Third, I've been an avid player of this game since late 2004 and Blizzard has always exceeded my expectations for this game with only a few hiccups along the way. Fourth, at the moment, I'm fairly bored and have decided to add my own opinion to the various changes proposed in the upcoming expansion, as well as, attempting to possibly answer several people's posts on this matter:

1. The Cataclysm: Yes, this event will occur within the game. In fact, about a month prior to the release of the upcoming expansion, Blizzard will release the 4.0 patch into the game. This patch will contain the majority of the new content, e.g. zones, classes, talent trees, and a revamped Azeroth.

2. How will the Cataclysm work? Upon the release of the 4.0 patch, people will download the majority of the new content and log into the game with the new content installed. In fact, this has always been the case with every prior expansion. Upon entering the game world, players will be taken to a cinematic event in which we will experience a video showing Deathwing and Azshara initiating the Cataclysm event and the subsequent destruction of Azeroth. Players will then be phased into the new Azeroth to begin their adventures.

3. Why is Thrall the new Guardian of Tirisfal? Thrall will become the new Guardian of Tirisfal to help coordinate the two factions in their struggle to overcome Deathwing and Azshara. Thrall is chosen because of his personal nature and close ties with Jaina. He can control the Horde and work with the reasonable Alliance leaders in combating this threat. In short, he will become the reasonable advisor able to gently push both factions into a combined goal.

4. Why is Garrosh the new Warchief? Garrosh is the chieftain of the Maghar in the Outlands, as well as, the chieftain of the Warsong Clan, the most powerful clan remaining in the New Horde, and the Commander of the Horde Forces in Northrend. He is being groomed for this position by Thrall and Saurfang, and he is the logical choice to become the new warchief. To pick another would divide the current Horde since Garrosh commands such a large base.

5. Why is Cairne assassinated? Cairne is assassinated to develop discord within the ranks of the Horde and to force them into an open war with the Alliance. He is in fact killed by Deathwing and Azshara to force the only two factions capable of destroying their plans to fight amongst themselves. After all, a combined Alliance/Horde war machine just took down the Lich King. After Cairne's death, Garrosh is led to believe that the Alliance had him assassinated while members of the Horde believe that Garrosh was the real force behind the act. Or, Garrosh actually had Cairne killed so that he would have a precursor to declare war on the Alliance by laying the blame at their feet. Another option could center around Deathwing transforming into an orc form of Garrosh and killing Cairne. Either way war is declared between the two factions. Remember, the best way to win a fight is to divide and conquer your enemy.

6. The new Orgrimmar: Orgrimmar will be rebuilt in Ashenvale at the current location of the eastern Warsong Camp. In fact, the city will be built over time in the game through the use of dailies, much like the retaking of the Isle of Quel'danis. The city will be phased in as the server completes a certain percentage of dailies.

7. What about the trolls and gnomes? The gnomes will finally retake their capital city and the previos instance will be abolished. On the other side, Durotar is destroyed and all that remains is a series of islands. The trolls relocate to these islands and build their new capital on what remains of Durotar. The remaining portion of Durotar will become the new starting area for the troll faction and the orcs will be moved to the Northern Barrens. The Southern Barrens will be the second leveling location for the Orcs, Tauren, and Trolls. Perfect.

8. Why is Azeroth revamped? The original content is out of date, plain and simple. There has to be an overhaul of the zones to go along with technology and the current plot of the game. Zones that are barely used will simply be destroyed and revamped. Questing will become easier and streamlined. Phasing will occur to allow a sense of progression and development in game. The Scourge will be defeated. Plaguelands gone? Redisigned zones and towns. We get to fly. If the Sunwell is actually restored then why isn't it restored in game? Why do we still have the Burning Legion on Quel'danis? They're revamping the zones to deal with stagnation and lack of development and in-game use. In short, times are good.

9. Why redo the old instances and raids? The old raids are merely there collecting dust. In fact, they're a great place to farm gold. You can clear Molten Core with three to five people and make a ton of money along the way. In short, the revamp is there to allow players a better selection of raids to attend, reduce gold inflation on the servers by preventing farming, and allowing new players to experience the raid like it was originally designed to do. Also, I'd rather have a non-stagnant Azeroth with the raid portals there only for the hell of it.

10. There will be new content and zones. Its not just a revamp of the old content. For example, Hyjal, Gilneas, Kul Tiras, Grim Batol, Kezan, Tel'Abim, The Broken Islands, and The Maelstrom will all be added to the game.

11. Goblins: The Goblins are under the control of Deathwing. A faction/cartel escapes and decides to ally with the Horde after Thrall invites them to the Horde for saving his life. They join to retake their home, free the other Goblins, and kill Deathwing. Think the Forsaken redux. In fact, at some point the Horde/Alliance will assault Kezan and slowly retake The Undermine. Think dailies and phasing. Perhaps, The Undermine becomes the new sanctuary for the Alliance and the Horde after they retake the city? However, the current faction/cartel decides to remain with the Horde while the freed goblins return to a neutral faction. Good plot? I think so. Presto! A new sanctuary for the battle against the remaining forces of Deathwing and Azshara. The Horde Goblins slowly build a new capital through the use of dailies and phasing. Damn!

12. Worgen: The Greymane Wall is broken and access to Gilneas is finally available. The Alliance find their cousins have all been turned to Worgen and enlist the aid of the Kirin Tor. The Kirin Tor develop an elixir to give to the population that slightly cures their curse enabling them to think like humans and a seperate faction. Think the Forsaken and their break from the Lich King. They naturally ally with the Alliance. Damn! That was hard to understand. Gilneas is the new racial capital and their surrounding area will be the starting zone. They'll use phasing to show them slowly retaking their humanity and their home. Damn!

13. Why are we getting new race/class combinations? Because we can. They're already tied into the game lore, and, if they're not, then Blizzard can just change the lore and retcon it to fit into the game. Please shut the fuck up about it. They're already doing this. Look at Blood Elf Paladins in The Burning Crusade. It's a nice change to the game. More class options for the races and factions.

14. Will there be a hero class? No. Who gives a shit? No one. Death Knights are so fucked up at the moment that blizzard doesn't need to add another class until they fix this one. Also, the lore doesn't exist for a new hero class in this particular expansion. Wait till the next one.

15. Why is the level cap at 85? Because leveling sucks ass and Blizzard doesn't want to go above the level 100. In short, they're slowly down the level numbers per expansion and will only be doing five levels. At some point this game will die. Think level 100. We kill Sargeras. Damn! The experience required to even level to 81 will still be so damn high that going from level 80 to level 85 will be like going from level 70 to level 80. Please shut the fuck up about it.

16. Blizzard will lose so many players over this expansion: Actually, no they won't. You can bitch and moan all you want. In fact, Blizzard doesn't give a shit what you want or do. It's their game. They can do whatever the hell they to with it. If you don't like it then stop playing. They may listen to what people say and take it into consideration, but at the end of the day they decide what happens. In fact, this game won't die out until Blizzard decides to kill the game. Think level 100.

Finally, in conclusion, please shut the fuck up. Blizzard doesn't give a damn what you think about their game. In fact, they've already decided what this expansion will be like, and at this point they've invested so much capital into the expansion that it won't change. So, in short, you're going to take it up the ass whether you like it or not. If you don't like the changes then quit. If you do then continue to play. Sorry about the wall of text.

P.S. How about some damn Guild Housing? Simple solution. Put an instance in each capital that leads to the guild house and design some decent items to go in it that the guild buys. Why? Gold inflation.

also at
a good explanation of Garrosh killing Craine

The Globe Explanation:

I believe almost every one has seen the ulduar globes and how did shows most of central kalimdor is flooded. But some has also noticed that durotar only says wrecked and why is thousand needles the only zone flooded when theres places that are lower.

But the ulduar globe only sensed something thats about to happen not what will permanently happen.

My idea is that the opening event will be 1 week of the world starting to flood like the how there was 1 week of the of the zombie event.

Once most of central kalimdor has been flooded the water will slowly pour out of central kalimdor.

After all this is done the really low places of the world are the only onces flooded and thousand needles and parts of ferals would be flooded or half flooded since in that area there isnt any place for the water to escape.

Areas that are also low will remain flooded due to the "left" overs of the big tidal wave, these areas are dustwallow marsh, swamps of sorrows and the wetlands.

My conclusion is the flooding of central kalimdor is only an opening event, after the flood is gone ruins of durotar and barrens will appear. So the new face of azeroth isnt accurate at all.

Orc Starting Areas:

This would also means the barrens might not be a level 1-20 zone because if the horde settlements are gone and and water actually got in the barrens will regrow wild life could bloom and who knows whats going on in the wailing caverns, gate way to the nightmare?

So if the new horde city is in ashenvale half of ashenvale could be a new orc 1-10 and making azhara 10-20 make more sense

Why Thrall is Gaurdian:

Because of the huge flood, malfurion had to return and he saw a vision of the new gaurdian thrall. u]Thrall being a wise leader and a powerful shaman, the new council of trisfal decides to make him the new gaurdian and shared there powers to thrall (which they do to all gaurdians). Thrall becoming extemely powerful brings back most of the water back to the great sea.


Cairnes Death:

After all this has happen there will be 1 more week until the cataclysm start and garrosh will build the new city in ashenvale to honor his father and cairne will try to stop him cause the night elves will get pissed.

And so Garrosh didnt listen, so Cairne went to the night elves to try and negotiate, but he didnt reallized Garrosh and a band of horde warriors followed him and thus he gets marked "Traitor", the night elves flee and Garrosh kills Cairne there.

Update- with Cairnes "betrayal" being a mystery, Baine Bloodhoof will prolly be the Anti-Garrosh in the horde (on the way of saurfang)

The Open War: Varian did it and so did Garrosh, this doesn't necessarily means that the 2 faction will fight for conquest. This basicly means if you see an enemy kill them, they on the way, kill them.

But the horde wont be going the dark ways like every one is expecting. Ofcourse there will be people like Baine, Saurfang, Vol'jin, and Drek'tar who will balance the opinions in the horde and those people cant be killed with a lucky situation and simple manipulation.

So no, no,no blizz wont ruin the horde like that ofcourse they will but thrilling story lines like wotlk.

Also there prolly wont be any bg in the great sea with thrall around.


Remember the Kil'jaeden prelude? Im guesing this xpac will have one and since its the end of the azeroth storyline it will prolly be this:

After looting , the 25/10 players was "whited out" and found them selves on a boat with the council and a captured orc, and a human.

These 2 are none other than Hellscream and Wrynn finally caught. They learn there lessons and peace has finally been made. Of course the peace wont actually be playable by players ingame cause its instanced and its gonna kill the pvp.

So that will remain that way until level 85's can get to the new expansion pack, presumably emerald dream.

TLDR, well, you need to read it lawl.

till next post, i am wtf out!

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