Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Healing experiences in Patch 3.2

First, i'd like to mention that i was bored around 2 months ago, and went to Naxx 10 and OS 10, as a solo healer, and it worked well untill sapph and Kelthuzad where i needed a backup healer.

now i can honestly say that solo healing any 10 man instance would be super easy, with so many HOTs that i got.

1st, the HOT from the Sacred Shield and the FOL.
2nd is the HOT from my 2 T8.5 gear.
3rd is the HOT from my Forethought Talisman.
4th is the HOT from my Judgment of light.

counting all those hots on the main tank, the sacared shield hot heals for minimum of 420, t8.5 holy shock crit heals for around 400-600, the talisman heals for around 900, and the judgment heals for around 400.
a total of around 2120 healing per 3 sec to the tank, if its a geared tank, that would be more than enough of keeping him up for around 12 secs, in 5 mans, i am holy dpsing in those 12 secs, in raids, i am mostly alt tabbed to check my facebook, and replying to me retarded friends comments.
Beacon of lights 60 yards is the awesomeness, i can be lazy, get knocked back to the back of the instance, heal myself with a holy shock and get the tank healed.

i managed to get myself in a 10 man normal and heroic TOC, i managed to be the 1st in healing meters, above a full 8.5 healing shaman and a priest, also i had 10% overhealing, i was thrilled to see those numbers, my way of healing didnt change, back in the days when paladins were saying ''spam holy light is the only way'' i was healing with FOL and holy shock and rarely using holy light. and i was always in the top 3 healers on the meters, with the minimum over healing i could do.

Mana issues?
never, i never ran out of mana pre- 3.2 and i never ran out of mana now, i was worried about this issue before 3.2 came out, i have to admit though, i am using
Tears of the Vanquished and i am loving it, i am getting a free 500 mana when i summon my mount, when i cast Sacred Shield and i am getting a free 500 mana when i give a buff.
now 500 mana from this trinket, and 600 from the meta socket in my helm, thats a free 1100 mana every now and then, i've never seen my mana below 50% in whats out in TOC till now, and i am hoping i won't.

My gear.
i got alot of spell power and crit , maybe way too much, i still focus on intellect and a small focus on mp5, no focus at all on haste, it comes with the gear and i think it would be enough.
you can see my armory, this is the link:

All I can say is that the new patch is really fun. I know a lot of people threatened to abandon their Holy Paladin because of the new patch and re-roll another healer. Its true that we don’t just main tank heal anymore. But then, neither do the other healers (unless you re-rolled a discipline priest). If you’re raid healing anyway, why not come back and try raid healing on your Holy Paladin? I think you might be surprised how powerful it is. With Flash of Light critting very often and instant Flash of Lights with every Holy shock crit, you can pump out a ton of heals.

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