Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Lux legis's fall

I was thinking about posting something since last night, but alot of things happened while i was gone on my vacation, and my guild is not what it used to be before.

4 months ago, our GM Auriel (holy Priest), our Raid leader Juggernot (protection warrior), and our Co-leader Throa (Disc priest) stopped playing this game all in the same time, and promoted me (holy paladin), Stuus (most dedicated shadow priest) and Benkenobi (most dedicated and only frost death knight) to be the officers of the guild.
everything went smooth in the first days, yes we suffered from the lose of our main tank and 2 of our dedicated healers that never missed a raid, but everything went ok while we continued to farm Naxx 25, OS 25.
but when it came to Malygos, something happened every single time that made us wipe in phase 3, every time someone forgets to do something, someone gets hit by something, you know, the usual retardation.
each day, someone would quit playing, re-roll or don't want to raid anymore, we, the 3 officers, managed to recruit some people from here and there, recruited so much that 10 of the original Lux Legis people will be in the raid, and the other 15 are all new people, at that time, Naxx and OS was so easy that it didn't matter.
then, Ulduar came out, people were afraid, we managed to pull exactly 2 heroic raids, and managed to kill 3 bosses, not enough, but its kinda good.
then and what i think was the mistake, we (the 3 officers) started caring about 10 man Ulduar, '' if we want to kill bosses in 25 man, we need to know the strats from 10 man'', maybe we focused too much on 10 man, we managed to get to General V, and get him to 25%ish but we still didnt kill him.
at that time, surprisingly, the 3 officers had RL to take care of, i had to go to Iraq for a month, Benkenobi had to do a trip somewhere, and i dont remember what Stuus had to do, but we all had stuff to do, we had our fearless raid leader Thanquall and his girlfriend Eleuthera to handle raids, and they did a perfect job doing it.
something lead to the other, and the start of Lux's fall was when i left to my vacation, you see, i Stuus and Benkenobi were like the 2 positive ends of a magnet, they shouldn't be left alone without someone to direct them away from each others, i've been told that i am this guy when i got told that i will be an officer, and i tried my best.
i came back from my vacation to see that they fought, and one of them left the guild, and alot of our core-raiders left with him, the new recruits left to see a new guild for them, and the rest we remained like 6 people online everyday.
Lux is still there, and i made a promise to myself, not to leave Lux Legis untill i quit the game, i am still having fun with who are left in the guild, thats what lux always been to me, having fun, the people in Lux who made me play Alliance on this realm, and i wont leave them what-so-ever.

on another news, some real life friends made me play on the EU servers, i think the server name is darkspeer or something like that, i have a 66 shaman there now, and a 39 priest.
not thinking of playing them for raids or anything, i only leveled them for my friends.

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