Saturday, June 27, 2009

Your guide to healing Ulduar (Healer, Holy Paladin POV)

I will start posting this strats for paladins only, as i am not familiar with other that shamans and paladins healing.

The original post was from Ferrero blogspot, which she stopped posting, and i took her format and way of explaining things, and started doing it on my own.

Your Guide to Healing Ulduar: Kologran

Positioning: 9 ► Healing Intensity: 7 ► MT/OT Damage: 9/4/6 ► Raid Damage: 6

Difficulty: Moderate

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This fight is a little bit hard for Paladins since it requires alot of changing positions due to people getting hit with his mighty eye beam (BEW BEW).

MT: Target and attack the main body. He will do an Overhead Smash on you, reducing armor by 25%. He casts it about every 15 seconds and it can be dodged/parried.

OT: Back up the MT and taunt off if they get 2 stacks of Crunch Armor until their stacks fade. Tank the 5 rubble that spawn when the Arms die.

DPS: Kill Kologarn's Right Arm. Kill the Rubble that spawns after it dies. Then DPS the body until the Right Arm respawns. Repeat by killing Kologarn's Right Arm again. After the Right Arm dies 3 times, you may consider killing the Left Arm to help finish off Kologarn if it's low from AoE. Note that his Arms' hit-boxes are centered around his main body. Example: you can be facing the body with the Right Arm behind you and still hit his the Right Arm, but if you stand with the body to your back or side and face the arm, you will have trouble attacking it.

Healers: Heal Kologarn's tank at all times. Heal the person who is gripped by the Right Arm (when you hear "I will squeeze the life from you"). Heal the raid from Shockwave damage (when you hear "Oblivion"). Heal the tank who is picking up the pack of 5 rubble (when you hear "Just a flesh wound" or "Only a scratch").

1.) Keep the MT and the OT topped off (beacon of light is very helpful for both of them), keep your eyes on raid warnings for the people getting squished in his arms.;
2.) Run out of the big, bad, eye beams.
3.) Spread out.
4.) Rinse and repeat.

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