Tuesday, June 16, 2009

WTH, how did i die?

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An awesome Topic was opened on blog Azertoh.

When it comes to me, first thing i'd think of is UI and your screen, if you had too much things in the sides of your screens, you won't see the lava walls coming your way, even though DBM yells at you ''Run away little girl, run away!'', and you won't see the big void zone under your feet.

As a former tank, i learned to be aware of my surroundings since Magmadar days back in Vanilla wow Molten Core, he used to put a Conflagrate on the ground, and i used to get away from it so neither me or the melee could get into it if we got feared.

As a healer now, everything is deferant, I'm no more looking at the legs on the dragons and nothing else, my eyes are just going right and left trying to see those damn health bars going up and down, my main focus is this, and nothing else, especially when I'm healing the main tanks, i found myself dead a couple of times on OS+ drakes before i figured that i should have 100% awareness of whats happening around me plus the 100% watching those health bars.
It took me a while to get used to it, and when i became an officer i started doing all of this plus watching for other people to make sure they aren't on fire, void zones or anything else.

As a DPS, when i am using my 2nd spec, sometimes i feel that i need to break the 4.5K dps mark, and i focus on my spells and rotation, just to find myself dead, them void zones are a PITA!

For me, its all about the UI, if you fixed your UI the right way, you'd have the time to see everything around you, and of course, you need to want to see those things, you need to care about dieing to them, and most likely avoid the screaming on vent ''WTF, WHY TEH HELL DO YOU DIE EVERYTIME?!?!''

So here are some tips that you might need:

1- Don't fill your UI with Junk, fill it with things that you REALLY need, and nothing else.
2- Zone out your camera as far as you can, get used to it, because that's the best way to monitor everything going around you.
3- If you are a healer, use Grid, and forget about Healbot, its lame!, plus Healbot gives you the mini health bars, so it clears some space in your screen.
4- When the pull is done, place yourself in a place that you can see everything around you.
5- Try to either A) move every once and a while, or B) check out what is happening behind you every now and then, it really helps.

I wanted to make a screenshot of my current UI, since i worked hard on it for the last 2 weeks, but i'm at work, and i'm stuck with this UI SS that i made like 3 months ago, my raid health bars are covered with my friends list, yeah i dont have many friends!
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press on the pic to get the full sized one.
please ignore the whispers, i only brought it up to take the SS of a young guy who was a guildie and we were teasing him for being so young, i told him on vent if he has hair in his private parts, and he didn't talk back in vent, he whispered me instead, BIG MISTAKE! LOL.

anyhow, back to the topic, a lot of wipes happens for even the best people who watch their surroundings, mistakes happens, we are only humans, so dont make it a big deal when its not, enjoy your gaming!


  1. Poor guy .. his whisp is now viewable for the entire world :p!

    Anyway, the right side of your screen gets cut off, and clicking the link just takes me to the Tinypic homepage, which I suppose is not the intent.

  2. Nope it is not, i am still trying to figure out how blogging work, so if you want to take the full pic try downloading it to your comp or something while i think of something else =/

    going to post a new pic of my UI sometime soon.