Thursday, June 11, 2009

First day in Heroic Ulduar, and 2nd week in normal.

Is 10 dead Bosses in normal and 3 on Heroic, had so much fun in there, the design is awesome.

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those were in the Heroic 25 man, i always forget to take screenies of our kills, thanks Eleuth for taking Rezor's SS :P

I got my first item from there i was excited.

Regarding 10 man Ulduar, we've been there for a while, got a bracers before, a chest piece that i dont use anymore because i still want my T7.5 2 pieces set bonus a lovely shield that got nerfed 3 days after i got it QQ.

got all keepers down, other than Mimiron, the fight is rediculously hard

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stay tuned for more progression!

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