Thursday, June 25, 2009

3.2 And me

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3.2 news was all over the Paladin blogging world, a lot of people were saying that it’s bringing a big nerf to us; some of them said it’s a huge buff.
I have to disagree with both, I don’t see us getting nerfed at all, yes Illumination will get nerfed big time, but we are going to have more MP5.
Now I know that Paladins say to MP5 to go kill itself, since we depend on our crits to get mana back, stacking int for Divine plea, that’s true, but its something that most of you people need to think about for a little bit of time, we brought this to ourselves, more like forum trolls brought it to us, but we believed them, we stacked int too much, therefore we had an insane amount of mana pool (I saw one guy on Darkspeer-EU with 32k mana)
That’s too much even for holy light spamming for half an hour, with all of the raid buffs and mana regeneration, it’s just too much, he had like 1900 spell power, but he was able to heal all of the fights in 25 Ulduar. including 2 hard modes.
Divine Intellect will get a nerf too, yep, we brought this to ourselves too.

What I think will happen to my playing style in 3.2? Nothing.
Yes, nothing, well other than healing the tank with a single FOL every 11 secs to get the hot work on him when its almost over, that’s pretty much it.
Beacon of light change is a big buff, not only for PVE, also for PVP, in fact, also sacred shield with the FOL hot thingy is a big buff to PVP.

I managed to have 21k unbuffed mana pool, I managed to get 10k HPS (heal per second) at Instructor Razuvious once before, I always managed to be the 1st of the 2nd at healing in both 10 and 25 man Ulduar, knowing when to use your Divine Plea is a major help, I don’t remember running out of mana since I was under geared for Patchwerk, except the first time I did Hodir on 10 man ( man I was afraid in that fight, ZOMG FROZEN BLOW ZOMGWTFBBQ).

IMHO, nothing will change for my play style, a paladin is a paladin, and I don’t think that Blizz will change us to anything near Priests or Druids with their mighty HOTS, if you have a problem with healing as a paladin, in raids or instances, something is wrong, you might need to look at your rotation or your spec/glyphs.

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The “fun factor” has always been my biggest motivator when choosing to raid heal as a Holy Paladin. If the game isn’t fun for me, then why play? That’s the main reason I’ve been in support of the changes in Patch 3.2. We can argue all we want that the changes are a nerf or that the content will be too difficult now. But its difficult to argue that playing a Holy Paladin in Patch 3.2 won’t be more involved, require more decision-making (which targets to heal and what heal to use)… and yes… be more fun.