Sunday, June 14, 2009

The Not So Useless Little Spell, After All!

In the past few weeks, i remembered a spell that most of the paladins have forgotten, i didn't actually think much to remember it, i was in an arena game with my best RL friend Headstab and there was a team of a ret paladin and a DK, they were both is PVE gear, but once they see my rogue friend, they pop everything on him and kill him before i can cast a spell, BOP him, or even say what the f...

I remembered back in the days when we were in Kara, on my troll warrior, just started that place, and we were stuck at Maiden of Virtue when we had our first Paladin to hit 70, he was asked by the GM to put Hand of Sacrifice on me before she do her Repentance.
so the next game we faced those 2 guys, i used it on Headstab before he jumps in, and WOW, alot of changes, while Headstab kills the ret Paladin, i was able to keep him up, of course with a big help of my Sacred Shield and Beacon of Light, healing him and i'm getting healed so i wont die from the Hand of Sacrifice.

After that, i started using it much more, on bosses who hits like a truck, either using it and using beacon of light, or using it and bubble, and it worked perfetly, so my advice to all those Holy Paladins out there, don't be a nub and forget all about it, i swear i didn't even have it on my UI, i had to search for it for 1 min to find it :(.

Maexxna's enrage at 30% is a good example for it, throw Hand of Sacrifice on the tank before the web spray and bubble = insta win!
Also it works perfectly with Mr. Patchwerk at 10%, but you need to be fast with the bubble becasue those hatefuls hit for a shit ton of damage.

the spell in Protection tree, Divine Sacrifice, is also usable as a way to mitigate raid damage, and can be put in a castsequence macro as well. While I think that it's a great way to mitigate dmg in 5 and 10 mans, it diminishes in a 25 man aoe raid situation due to the number of players taking damage. It does, however, beat Hand of Sacrifice if the tank is the only one taking damage at the time.

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