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How to: Midsummer Fire Festival 2009

So i logged on today and i was bored, i decided to go through Azeroth and pay my respect to the fires.

i ended up like this.

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In 4 hours, almost 750g richer!

You want to be that cool too? here is a how to guide:

The main Midsummer Festival bonfire camps can be found at the following locations:

1- Alliance:
2- Horde:
I will start with the bonfires that you need to extinguish and the other bonfires that you need to pay your respect for.
It goes like this:

First, make sure you are in Dalaran, with your hearthstone not on cooldown, and you have to empty most of your pags from the gear, since you are going to get to Major Horde citys you will most likely be killed, and whenever you are killed, you need to spirit rez, it will save you much time, and having many kind of gear in the bags will get you a big repair bill, you can avoid that and get the gold you get from those things to be your own! not for a weakling NPC!.
here it goes:
go to the Exodar and walk out of the City to Azuremyst Isle, head to Azure watch, then walk up to Bloodmyst Isle, Blood watch, port to Dalaran, go to Darnasus, Teldrassil: Dolanar.
Go back to Darnasus, take the flight to Darkshore, Auberdine.

Fly to Ashenvale, Astranaar, and while you are there, extinguish the fire in Splinter tree post, and finish up the quest you take from the quest camp in a Major city Earthren ring elder, The Elder will offers a short quest chain starting with Unusual activity, for which you must travel to the Zoram Strand of Ashenvale and slay level 20+ Twilight Firesworn until the Twilight Correspondence drops. Once you receive it, use the Totemic beacon to summon an Earthen Ring Guide to complete the quest.
The Guide will then give you the next part of the quest, An Innocent Disguise for which you are given an orb that changes you into a Crawler for three minutes. In your new disguise, you must travel northwest of the entrance of Blackfathom Deeps - you will know you're going the right way if you periodically find blue-flamed torches, and eventually a small encampment on the shore. While disguised, witness the exchange between the naga and the Ice Caller Briatha until the quest completes. When it is finished, you can move out of range of the mobs and cancel the disguise, and summon the Earthen Ring Guide once again. This time, upon relaying the information, the guide will give you the quest Inform the Elder, and report your findings.
(when you finish that quest, talk to the NPC again, Make sure you have track low lvl quests because you will take that quest to Kill Ahune in Slave Pens later)

Once you have returned to an Earthen Ring Elder, the quest chain will complete and either one or two quests will become available, depending on your level. For characters level 22 and above, a repeatable daily quest will open up. The quest is called Striking Back, and depending on your level range you will be given a single objective at a location in Azeroth or Outland.

after you've done that quest, you get back to the bonfire fun, get back to the camp, and fly to wintergrasp, you can easily find the 2 tents at Everlook.

Now there is a trickey part here, you need to fly back to stonetalon Mountain, to Sun Rock Retreat. walk to The Barrens Crossroads, then to Durotar Razor Hill, walk all the way to Orgrimmar, and steal the fire, walk all the way to Mulgore Bloodhoof Village, get Thunderbluff's fire, and walk to Dustwallow Marsh Theramore, and Brackenwall Village.
Then you'll have to fly to Desolace Nijel's Point, and Shadowprey Village, fly to Ferales Fearthermoon Stronghold, walk to Camp Mojache, then you'll have to walk to Thousand Needles Freewind post, walk to Tanaris where you can easily find the 2 flames at Gadageztan almost around the horde flight master and the Alliance flight master.
Fly to Silithis where you also can find the 2 flames just east and west of Cenarion Hold.

Congrats, you stole 2 of the Horde's Major city flames, and finished 2 the flame warden of Kalimdor.

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Port back to Dalaran, and go through the portal to The Outlands, fires are easy to see in the Outland, and you can easily spot them outside of the Horde/Alliance camps, start with Terokkar forest at Allerian Stronghold and Stonebreaker Hold.
go to Shadowmoon vally, right outside of Wildhummer and Shadowmoon Village you can find your fires.
Fly to Nagrand, at Telaar and Garadar.
Fly to Zangarmarsh, at Zabra'jin and Telredor.
Go into Slave Pens, you cant solo this unless you are a geared holy Paladin (Like me =P) or a geared DK (Like my alt =P) otherwise you need 2/3 people including a healer, Ahune himself isn't hard, its his adds that makes the problem.
The quest i said you needed to take from the Loremaster in the Major city is Ahune, The frost lord, you need to enter SP and talk to a tauren inside, She will give you another quest to go to another Tauren Druid inside the instance, Ahune is here, is the quest you need to summon him, i'll quote from Wow head his strat:
''his boss consists of two phases. You should clear most of the area around him so you don't aggro Nagas. You can do this on non-heroic. The NPCs that start the quest are right after zone in, then in the cavern area before the double Defender pull.

During both phases, he'll create a frost animation on the ground and after 3 a spike will be made, shooting the player into the air for a few seconds. Its important to move if this spawns. Also, the ice around him will cause people to slip and be stunned for 2-3.
Phase 1:

He will spawn an elite with an aura that does a debuff causing frost damage every 2-3s, I believe 500 damage, that stacks and can not be dispelled. This has to be tanked by the tank. He'll also spawn a lot of low health non-elites every few seconds (~2000 health) that shoots a frost spell at people. He'll spawn maybe 20-30 of these elites, and 2 of the large elites before he'll switch to phase two. This phase lasts around 1 minute. He'll also summon cyclones after the first phase 1 which has a pull ability, but are also weak.

Phase 2:

After all the adds are dead you can safely focus dps on the Frozen Core. According to my ui, this has about 125k health, and you have about 20s (rough estimate) to dps him. You should be able to get him to under 60%. With a full tier 6 group, we got him to 33% the first time.

Repeat phase 1 and 2 until he dies. Its very important to control all the adds and avoid the ice spikes.''

its a straight forward fight, easy with more people at lvl 80, so you might want to have them all, when you kill him, he will drop Shards of Ahune , that will begin a quest you give back to the Tauren, and will get you one of the two awesome tabards, Tabard of Summer Skies, and Tabard of Summer Flames.
you get your 2nd achievement, Ice the Frost Lord.

back to your fire grinding, time is for Blade Edge's Mountains, you will get your flame east of Sylvanaar and south of Evergrove.
Fly to Area 52, and you'll find the 2 fires easily.

Then Hellfire,Thrallamar and Honor Hold,just outside of the camps.

Gongrats, you got your Outland Achievements.

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now is the easiest thing from all of those achievements, Go through the Dark portal to the blasted lands Nethergarde Keep, Fly to STV, you'll find the 2 fires right outside of Booty bay, after you go out of the tunnel, go straight forward to the sea, and you will find the 2 tents at your left and your right.
Fly back to Nethergrade keep in Blasted lands, and walk to Swamp of Sorrows at Stonard, bacl to Nethergrade keep, and fly to Darkshire in Duskwood.

When you are done, Fly to Westfall, Sentinel Hill.
Then its up to you, if you want to walk to Goldshire in Elwynn Forest, or you can fly to stormwind and go there.
When you are don with goldshire, mount up and go to Stormwind, fly to Lakshire in Redridge Mountains.
Then Fly to Morgan's Vigil and Flame Crest in the Burning steps.
Fly to Searing Gorge and walk to the Kargath in the badlands, and walk all the way to Thelsamar in Loch Modan.
Fly to Menethil Harbor in the wetlands (PS: i left the Kharanos one till later, since you have other quests to finish there).
Fly to Refuge point in Arathi Highlands and mount up to get to Hammerfall.
Here were it gets a little trickey, you can either Fly to The hinterlands or to Hillsbrad.
I went to Hillsbrad Foothills Southshore, and Tarren mell (where the real PVP happened back in Vanilla wow).
Then i took the flight to the Hinterlands where its really annoying since the 2 camps of the horde and the Alliance are really, really, really far apart.
Aerie Peak, and Revantusk Village.
Fly back to Hillsbrad and mount up for the long ride, you'll have to go to Silverpine Forest Sepulcher, then go all the way to Brill in Tirisfal Glades, go into Undercity, right infront of the gates you'll find the flame you need to steal, get them and go back to the road to Chillwind Camp in Western Plaguelands, and fly all the way to ZA, mount up and go to Tranquillien of the ghost lands, and at the gates of Ruins of Silvertmoon you'll find the fire.
get in Silvermoon and get te capital city fire there.
port to Dalaran, then to IF, in Kharanos you'll find the last one.

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you got 4 achievements in the same time! you must be really good!

Now, the easy simple achievements to finish this is

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which is easy, buy 15, i repeat, 15 torches from the NPC in any major city, (not Dalaran or Shatt) and bind them to your 1 key, spam 1 with your other hand out of your pants and on your mouse, throw them and make sure you are collecting them too, you can throw them just at your self, and you'll get this part in like 6 secs.

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is also easy, with all the blossoms you got from all of the fires areound Azeroth, buy the 3 pieces of the set from the vendors in the major city, and dance at the ribbon pole for 60 secs (i went and made me some Vodka while my char showed them how to dance!)

Edit: as my awesome guild mate said:
''Just a heads up, today all the honor the flame, exinguish the flame quests reset. So anyone that did them last year and needs the blossoms can do them, and if you have already done them this year, you can do them again too. MORE MONIES!'' - Cocoknutt of Lux Legis!

Edit2: it appears that there are also some fires to respect and steal in Northrend, you might want to do them to access the pets.

Borean Tundra: fizzcrank airstrip, and bor'gorok outpost
Dragonblight: wintergrade keep, and agmar's hammer
Crystalsong Forest: windrunner's overlook and sunreaver's command
Grizzly Hills: Amberpine lodge and conquest hold
Howling Fjord: fort wildervar and camp winterhoof
Sholazar Basin: river's heart for both factions
Storm Peaks: K3 for both factions
Zul'Drak: The argent stand

Items you can get from all of this:

1-Mantle of the Fire Festival for 100 Burning Blossom
2- Vestment of Summer for 100 Burning Blossom
3- Sandals of Summer for 200 Burning Blossom
4- Brazier of Dancing Flames for 350 Burning Blossom
5- Captured Flame for 350 Burning Blossom

i hope this helps people out.

Happy achievement haunting!

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