Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Shared Topic:WoW Where You'd Least Expect It..

This week, the Shared topic of Blog Azeroth is : Wow Where You'd Least Expect It.

In our Middle eastern culture, once a month (sometimes more) we go to a local cafe, where you can smoke Sheesha (AKA:Hookah).

I've been going around once a week, since i turned 20 and started working, at 20 i also just started playing WOW and was still a low lvl troll warrior who knows nothing about this game, my English was a little poor, so i didn't know how to play and i didn't know how to talk to people in-game.

So i had my laptop on, smoking some Hookah, and tanking in WC, needing all the green loot that was dropping, just because i didn't know what greed is

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when suddenly a guy came to me and started talking to me about how i should greed everything that is not mail, since warriors only wear mail till lvl 40, then they wear plate.
i listened to him talking about his shaman, and for my surprise he was in the same server i was in, we started lvling together and we became friends.

of course when we both hit 60, he was lucky and got into a guild that was running MC, and i slowed down a bit trying to gear myself before i applied to a guild that was raiding.

Till now we occasionally talk with each others. :D

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