Friday, October 2, 2009

New UI + introducing, Teh Evilcandy!

I promised to post my new UI, so here it is!

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here it is if you cant see the full sized picture, i uploaded it on image shack, click on it for the full screen

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I'll have to remove the 2 chat boxes to where they're supposed to be =)

What I am using is Spartan UI with bartender, Bagnon2, ForteXorcist, Prat, Pally power, quick mark, recount and SexyMap.

post part 2: Introducing the Evilcandwe!

Evilcandwe is my DK alt.
You might ask me, how did i get that name?
Well, lets see, i am not that creative when it comes to getting names for my characters, back at horde i had: Almaster, Elmaster and Zemaster.
When i switched to Alliance, i now have: Almaster, Zemaster (my hunter) Stuusx (my newly made priest, i named him after a priest (Stuus) that was guilded with us, i have a lot of respect to that person, he used to top damage meters at almost every fight :P and i always said that he is my elder brother that i never had) and Evilcandwe.
Candwe was my best friend on the horde side, a resto druid that knows how to play her class at PVE, in PVP, she sucks :P
back to the story, i wanted to lvl a DK and stand with her in Dlaran, as Candwe and her Evil self, but it didnt work out since Candwe server x-fered about 2 months ago.

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using the same UI, adding Facesmasher, since i fail at the DK rotation, facesmasher tells me what to use and when to use it :P

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