Friday, November 20, 2009

Shared Topic: Best Change to the Game

The new shared Topic i picked for my readers today, is this one from Bloz Azeroth

Many things have changed and improved within the game between Vanilla, BC & Wrath. Which change that Blizzard released, made a fundamental difference to your gaming experience?

A possible expansion to this topic would be what really irritates you that they still haven't gotten around to fixing?

Best Change to the game?
Dual spec, hands down.

nothing effected players in all aspects of the game like dual spec, all hybards were reqired to respec mostly every day, sometimes twice a day, it was a major loss in gold, and the reason people used to farm so much.

Is dual spec the only good change to the game? no way, is it perfect? hell no.
I have 3 holy specs (1 PVP, 1 holy bubble spec holy/prot, 1 holy crit spec holy/ret)
1 tanking spec, and when i need to farm rep or something, i have a ret spec.

a shout out for Blizz, Gimmme 5 dual specs. kkthnxbai.

I would like to mention all the changes that i liked in this game, changes from Vanilla to TBC to WOTLK.

First change everyone noticed in this game, going from 40 man raids to 25 man raids, this was so sweet, that when i heared about it i started doing my victory dance and shouting Fuck yeah!
carrying many bads, starting the fights with 40 man and ending with only 20 that knows how to play, and just the thought of 40 people talking in vent. bad.
waiting for 40 people to log online for a raid. bad.

2nd change that i really liked, professions being actually helpful for people, on my warrior in vanilla wow, i had enchanting and blacksmithing, enchanting for d/eing items only, with a skill of 25 (back then, at skill of 25, you can disenchant everything from greens to epics) and blacksmithing, just because of my thoughts of the warrior being able to craft plate items.
in TBC, i changed enchanting to mining, since they fixed enchanting to actually increase your skill to be able to disenchant items, blacksmithing was really helpful.
the 2h and 1h weapons you could craft was awesome, and you can upgrade then while you progress, that was a really cool idea from blizz.

3rd change i liked? BOA items, with the 20% xp from killing monsters and completing quests, its awesome, the reason i didn't have many alts back in TBC and vanilla was because i hate doing 1 million quests in 1 area, i like to change areas every now and then.

4th change, Haste, for both melee and casters, the haste stat is wonderfull, and i am pretty sure everyone loved it.

the things that should have changed, chinese farmers, wait, i am not racist, i just dont like to see a lvl 80 BE going underground or flying and getting my mining nod, i just hate it.
and when you make a ticket or e-mail Blizz about it, they'll tell you that they are invistegating about it, and ofcourse, the next day you will find the same BE getting your nods! damn them farmers!

Now, the best changes that i liked for a paladin, from Vanilla to TBC to WoTlK.

1- Sacred shield, plus the effect of SS with FOL, the hot, its really HOT!
2- Beacon of light we really needed it, especially in WOTLK where you will need 2 tanks for a boss, or 2 tanks for 2 bosses, heal one to heal the other = win!
3- Blessing of kings not being in talent, i loved it!

I'd really love to see MP5 really working for Holy paladins, and would love to see Ret paladins with skills other than Jong.

that would be the end of my post today, i know i've been slacking with the posts recently, but as Gnomergaddon said in his post, Palading blogs are boring, they only have 2 healing spells!

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