Saturday, December 5, 2009


Well, the time came for me to say goodbye, and farewell.
I am having a lot of stuff in real life that made me make a decision to stop playing this game, and stop blogging about it.

i will keep this short, thanks for all the readers and fellow bloggers that i had fun with, talking and blogging together.

My advice to anyone that wants a good paladin blogs, to keep watching:
1- A touch of arcane
2- Bossy Pally

i know i will keep my eyes on those 2, they know how to play a paladin and they know how to blog about it, much better than me.

for ret paladins, Forbearance is what you need to check every day, Jong is a wonderful person, funny and skilled at playing a facerolling class :P

if you are interested in the best blog i have ever seen and read, This gnome 's blog is what you need to read, although its not a healing blog (sometimes it is) its one of the most enjoyable blogs you'd ever see.

Farewell my friends, i know i will miss you all, i will keep watching those blogs, but sadly i would not have the time to blog about paladins now a days, unless someone takes me for some guest posting somewhere, which i doubt.

Thanks for all the fish, and farewell.


  1. Nooooo! Very sorry to hear that you are leaving us :( Any chance we might see you again when cataclysm comes out?

    As for guest posting, if you get the urge to write, just send an email my way. We can make arrangements :)

  2. Hey Oph, right now i have no idea if i am going to be playing when Cata comes out.
    I decided to keep my account and renew it every month, just for having fun.
    If the Work gave me a chance, i will be playing in Cata.
    Regarding guest posting, i dont know lol, I really would like to read articles rathar than write them, english is my 6th language and i r not gud at eet! :P

  3. Take it easy and have fun. Maybe things will slow down after new years and you can come back.

  4. Thanks Jong, we will see what happens :D

  5. Heyla from a fellow Holy Paladin.
    I wish you lots of fun in your real life, and if you ever want to post something somewhere you'll be the most welcome to contact me ^^
    I hope we'll see you back in a few months, everyone needs a time-off sometimes :)